We teach how to read, write, listen and speak Spanish with Ludiletras

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Yago School


At Yago School, we work on reading and writing in Spanish in a creative way, so that students acquire a taste for communicating in Spanish; speaking, listening, reading and writing. We work simultaneously on reading, writing and oral expression through activities that encourage student autonomy.

  • We learn through multiple intelligences so that our students begin to read and write by connecting with their own strengths. 
  • We group the different methods and strategies for teaching reading and writing  in a coherent, sequenced and global way to respond to the different learning styles, so we can adapt to each of our students!

We have implemented a program based on the mixed method, which simultaneously works the global method and the synthetic-phonetic method, which works the letters and their sound and associates each one to a Ludigesto. 

Our students are introduced to writing through strokes that are assimilated starting at age 3. These strokes increase as students mature and the union of several strokes leads to the writing of letters.

A Ludiletras session is divided into 3 parts: 

  1. To begin with, the stimulation program is performed with the passing of the bits
  2. Then comes development, in which the linguistic games, manipulative activities and the flash card are carried out. We encourage critical thinking by sequencing routines and thinking strategies. LUDILETRAS is integrated into everyday activities!
  3. To finish the section, we encourage reflection and reinforce new concepts learned.  

Thank you, Ms. Maria, for explaining another  of our school’s treasures! 

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