Why Yago

Because studying at Yago School makes the difference and guarantees the future of all pupils.

Because it is our main objective that the pupils come to school happy. For this reason, from the moment a child arrives we work on their social and emotional intelligence, giving them a global mentality and the capacity to take on new challenges in the future with strength and security.

Because we have developed a program of education in values as the basis for the whole education of the pupil. Knowledge never arrives without first attending to the humanistic aspects of learning, among which the values so necessary in today’s society stand out: respect, discipline and effort, autonomy, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and solidarity. They will put these values into practice through the numerous volunteer programs that the school instigates through its foundation, The Yago Foundation.

Because Yago School students achieve the best command of the English language of all the bilingual private schools in Seville, and an advanced level of communicative Chinese as a second foreign language. For this Yago School offers complete language immersion, 70% in English, 30% in Spanish from 4 months to 18 years old. Starting at 2 years old, the study of two hours of Chinese weekly is incorporated. In addition, with the aim of improving English proficiency and learning the culture, we offer academic exchanges of 1 month, terms, academic years or summer programs at its sister school, Riddlesworth Hall in England. We also offer the possibility of following the British curriculum and practicing Chinese in any of the schools that the CIEG Chain has in China and other countries in the world, such as the US.

Because the international character of Yago School offers its pupils the possibility of knowing and adapting to different cultures, which will allow them to study or work in an increasingly globalized world. That is why at Yago School we follow the Spanish curriculum and we have been accreditated as an international school for the American system by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), since it is our objective that our pupils enjoy the most inspiring, demanding, innovative and international educational environment. We also offer the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate.

Because we work the multiple intelligences of our pupils, and in particular we reinforce and enrich those relegated to the background by the Spanish system and that will make a difference in their future. We pay special attention to practicing sports, with the introduction of “Brain Gym” in Infant and the study of different disciplines, to lay the foundation for a healthy life. Musical education occupies a prominent place in the school. All pupils play the piano and have musical theory classes during school hours. Reading (in English and Spanish), artistic education (Art), interpretation (Drama) and public speaking are also introduced and reinforced in a broad curriculum such as ours.

Because our indoor and outdoor facilities, and our multitude of resources, invite learning. In addition we have an extraordinary technological endowment that favors individualised learning in virtual environments. Due to the evident development in recent years of new technologies, Yago School, like a proper 21st Century school,has introduced a methodological change that is helping create a substantial improvement in the learning of our pupils and that we call The Yproject. The incorporation and use in the classroom of interactive whiteboards, iPads, computers and Beebots joins the introduction of the iPad in one to one mode, starting in P5, which means our pupils are highly motivated and are the protagonists in the teaching / learning process.

Because our team of professionals has designed the most avant-garde educational model; attractive, enriching, motivational and relevant for the future. They design learning experiences or experiential learning where the pupil is the protagonist (culture maker) and where the transversality and the learning of competences that goes beyond the merely curricular are addressed, including international, social and environmental issues, as opposed to the traditional Spanish model, which is eminently theoretical and involves too much rote learning.

Because Yago School has a faculty of committed, innovative and enthusiastic teachers in continuous training. The relationship between the teacher and the pupil is one of the qualities most appreciated by our families, who value very highly their emotional and professional bond based on mutual respect. The teacher is the coach or guide of a motivational and individualised learning that sees, advised by our Counselling Department of Orientation, to the human, social and academic needs of our pupils, and is attentive to diversity, working with gifted children and curricular adaptations.

Because the pupils achieve remarkable academic results in the scale tests, which measure the results of the pupils compared to the national average, and excellent grades in external examinations of Cambridge English, Chinese by the Confucius Institute and piano by ABRSM.

Because their academic education is completed with a wide range of schools of knowledge in after-school hours that guarantees their personal growth:

    1. Sports Clubs: Judo, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Football, In-line skating, Basketball, Ballet, Flamenco
    2.  Music, Art and Drama Clubs: Initiation to Music, ABRSM Exam Preparation, Choir, Instruments: piano, violin, guitar, sax; Painting; Musical Interpretation.
    3.  New Technologies Clubs: Robotics and Drone Piloting.
    4.  LanguagesClubs: languages: Chinese or German.
    5.  Homework Club: Educational reinforcement, Duties.