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Inter-School Golf Championship Western Andalusia (Facilities of La Cartuja)

On Saturday, June 23rd, our students had the opportunity to represent Yago School in the First Inter-School Golf Championship organized by the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation.

It turned out to be a sports day where the good disposition of the participants and the coexistence between students of different schools of Western Andalusia prevailed.

We would like to highlight the unbeatable performance of our entire team that could not have been more successful. And much more important than the bountiful awards, we congratulate our students for the way in which they have represented with dignity the educational and sporting values ​​of our School.

We give a special mention to the pair formed by Roberto Pérez Rodríguez & Carlos López Navarro who, with their magnificent game and effort, obtained the first place in pairs without Handicap, a fact that gives them the possibility of representing Yago School in the Inter-School Tournament National that will take place in Madrid on 19th and 20th September.


First place in pairs without Handicap: Carlos López Navarro & Roberto Pérez Rodríguez

Best Player of the Tournament: Jaime Sánchez de Lamadrid Trujillo

Second place in pairs with Handicap: Jaime Sánchez from Lamadrid Trujillo & Gonzalo Guillén Carmona

Third place in pairs with Handicap: Hugo Pérez Rodríguez & Antonio Pérez Rodríguez

First individual position in Initiation without handicap: Carmen López Navarro

Second place in pairs with Handicap: Carmen López Navarro & Alba Soto Muñoz

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