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Día del Corazón en yago School

Yago School has marked in its school calendar the celebration of “International Days” in order to raise awareness and to focus the attention of children on certain important issues or unresolved problems in society.

Therefore, last Friday on September 28th, we celebrated the “World Heart Day” in Yago School. Every year millions of people die from cardiovascular disease and we wanted to inform the students that, with small changes, they might have a longer, healthier and fuller life.

World Heart Day was a good opportunity to raise awareness among children about the importance of eating a healthy diet, exercising more, being more active, helping their family members give up smoking …

That day the Yago School educational community began the school day with a lot of energy and learning many things about the heart. This important organ that everybody must take care of so much.

The students learned concepts of their anatomy, their functions and, most importantly, how we should take care of it, with a strong emphasis on food and sports.

Among other things, the children learned to measure their pulsations, and they enjoyed seeing how it accelerated after a fun race where the heart needed to pump harder.

They also created a large mural in the English Playground where they wrote their reflections on healthy habits and later we designed and printed a 3D heart in our Robotics lab.

In the end we all tied a heart to our backpacks, creating a great red tide of hearts in the School.

After this day all Yago School students have a purpose: Take care of our hearts!

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