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Yago School families and professionals were protagonists in the spectacular 10th Anniversary party.

At Yago School, we are celebrating this tenth academic year anniversary with different events. We started in Rome last June with the choir students in the Vatican and San Ignatius church, and last Friday, November 15th, we celebrated here with the staff and parents.

We organized a fabulous party with an unforgettable Siempre Así concert, including guest appearances by José Manuel Soto and Alejandro Vega. The concert was a tribute to the entire educational community of Yago School that, with dedication, effort, and commitment, have made these 10 years since the founding of the school in Seville possible.

The event was held in the sports pavilion and began with a cocktail at 8:00 p.m. , served by Serunión, for family and friends of Yago School.

At 9:30 p.m., Mr. Resa took charge to welcome Yago School executives, school staff, family and friends.

First, he invited his Yago School Sevilla management team to the stage, headed by the Business Manager and his right hand, Mr. Valverde, followed by his sons, Ramón and Javier Resa, former students of Yago in Sussex, his sister from Yago School Sussex and former part of the management team at Yago School Sevilla, and former directors of several of the Spanish Yago schools abroad, whose brand has just turned 40 years old.

Javier Arrechea, who was founder of the brand and president of the group that closed in the nineties, received Mr. Resa’s recognition and gratitude. Santiago Arrechea, director of the Philadelphia and Michigan branches, Jaime Riestra director in Michigan and Ramón Casbas, director in Houston and Long Beach and Assistant Director in Larch Hill, Ireland were other stars of the event.

There was a live concert, hosted by comedian César Cadaval who, accompanied by Father James, informed guests that we would use the profit from the bars to help fund “Aulas for Father”, the project promoted by The Yago Foundation, thus fulfilling our core values of generosity and solidarity.

When that was finished, “Siempre Así” offered an especially exciting and fun concert. Our Head of Recording Studio and Manager and singer of the Sevillian group, Rafael Almarcha, gave his everything from beginning to end, consistently demonstrating love for the Educational Project.

Other highlights were the participation of José Manuel Soto, who delighted us with the well-known songs “Let Yourself be Loved”, “I am Spanish”, and “For Her.”

Rocío García-Muñiz, Mr. Resa’s wife, deserves a special mention, as she surprised everyone by taking the stage with her former group mates to sing 4 of the group’s mythical songs with them: “To Come Back Again”, “I’m Going”, ” You Will be my Dawn”, and “I am Loving You so Much ”.

Alejandro Vega’s participation stood out, as he has been committed to the School for years and is the songwriter of the school’s “Sevillanas” and the song that closed the concert: a personalized version of “My Way” adapted to the School, that was performed with Siempre Así and the teachers.

This celebration was very special, very YAGO, and we were able to share it with more than 1,000 friends of the School who have accompanied us throughout these years. It was a party at the peak of Yago School, which once again opted for music as an artistic expression close to the heart, in order to celebrate ten years of consolidation and progress of this unique educational project.

We leave you with memorable photos of family and friends.

And from our dedicated staff, who enjoyed every moment of the celebration.

The diffusion of photos on social networks has reached far and wide. The hashtags #IamYago #YagoSchool10years and #10yearsofglobalqualityeducation were “trending topics” in Seville.



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