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Yago School imparte Bachillerato Internacional
Yago School is one of the few exclusive private schools in Seville that will offer the IB Diploma Programme starting in September 2019. The IB is a rigorous educational system that encompasses a comprehensive education in both knowledge and values. This will allow our students to complete their baccalaureate studies with a double degree, the IB Diploma and the Spanish baccalaureate.

After two years of demanding preparation, Yago School in Seville has managed to consolidate its position by joining an exclusive network of schools in the world offering IB.  The school is embarking on a demanding and high quality educational project with a clear international flavour, also supported, from Infant through to Secondary, by the American accreditation Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

The IB Diploma programme (International Baccalaureate) offers excellent preparation for university and adult life; it provides a balanced educationinfusing students with a positive attitude towards learning; it promotes an international mindset in students and emphasizes their physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical development; and it includes a rigorous external evaluation system. All this gives it wide recognition within the main universities in both Spain and the world, all of whom give priority access to a student who comes from this tried-and-tested system.

Since its founding, Yago School has stressed the importance not only of academic education, but also personal, human education.  The Sevillian school tries to inculcate values such as hard work, tolerance, solidarity, gratitude, responsibility, leadership and respectWhen they leave, our children are prepared to fit in and to acquire the necessary abilities to confront an increasingly globalised and competitive professional world. Together with these values, the school hones the skills of IB students so that all are inquiring, informed and educated, thoughtful, communicative, bold, balanced, honest, capable of critical thinking and with an open and international mindset.

One of the features that best defines the international character of Yago School is the importance that the school gives to English as the main language, and to the second foreign language, Chinese, which make up the schools identity and have made the school a Cambridge Exam and Confucius Institute (Hanban) centre. There are few schools that can get a child to English level B1 in Primary 6, a B2 in Secondary 2, andbetween a level C1 (certificate of Advanced English) and C2 (Proficiency) in Secondary 4, and HSK3-4 in Chinese, an unbeatable passport for studying and living in the interconnected and globalized world of the 21st Century.

For two years Yago School teachers have been preparing to be able to offer the best education to their students. And together with the satisfaction of acquiring the knowledge and skills that this organisation demands, they can be proud of the sincere recognition of the International Baccalaureate accreditors who visited. They highlighted in their visit the top qualifications of the teachers, the complete interdisciplinary planning of the subjects that they have carried out, the combination of evaluation techniques that they suggest and their perfect adaptation to methodological change that will lead to extraordinary results.  They will be responsible for getting the best out of the skills, attitudes and knowledge of the young people studying there.

Thus, Yago School confirms itself as a proponent of an extraordinary and competitive model of teaching that integrates pedagogy and learning strategies with enormous international recognition in order to imbue its students with the values and the essential knowledge to live and develop professionally in modern societies of the 21st Century. 


What is the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme?  

For those who do not know this system well, the diploma program of this baccalaureate comprises a two-year course of preparation for University, with an external examination common to all IB students and subject to a double standardised valuation on global level, giving you the possibility of accessing the best universities around the world, including the network of public and private universities in Spain.

Students must study six subjects and carry out three main components or core subjects: the Theory of Knowledge, a philosophical basis that fosters critical reflection; CAS Activities (creativity, action and service) where they perform 150 compulsory hours of social work and an extended essay of 4,000 words on a topic they are interested in investigating. A complete education that requires perseverance, effort and passion for work well done.

More information at: www.ibo.org



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