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International bilingual Yago School has made it to the prestigious list of the 50 best private schools in Spain published by Forbes magazine in 2021. 

A small committee of experts specialized in education has analyzed 36 objective criteria of our educational model, external recognition, student performance in external tests,  educational offer in terms of languages, teachers, music, digital training and material resources, as well as the ratio of students per classroom, teacher to student ratio, facilities, laboratories, innovative areas, and services. In only 11 school years, Yago School has achieved a meritorious 29th place.

This assessment highlights: our international educational model that culminates with the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program that gives access to the best universities in the world alongside the Spanish Baccalaureate; the certification of international system by American accrediting committee WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges); and our active and innovative methodologies. These data have also allowed us to appear in the search engine of the Best Schools in Spain 

Forbes begins by valuing the school’s interest in motivating its students to be lifelong learners and internationally-minded, upstanding, and responsible citizens.

They emphasize our bilingual education, with attention to: international diversity, including a strong command of English and other languages, such as Chinese or French; the values we impart, such as respect, discipline, and effort combined with tolerance, friendship, and solidarity; the search for talents and the development of the optimal human, emphasizing both intellectual and emotional potential through creative, critical and technical competencies.
They also highly value the cutting edge facilities and excellent resources, including: the two piano classrooms and the recording studio so that our students from Primary 1 to Secondary 2 can play the piano as part of the curriculum every week or record their own songs; the indoor and outdoor sports facilities that allow practice of a wide variety of international sports; the computer labs, programming, LEGO robotics and the Fab Lab with two 3D printers; and the impressive science and art laboratories, among many other resources that allow a unique teaching-learning model in the province.
Forbes has also taken into account our students’ great success on external language by Cambridge or Hanban Institute, music by ABRSM, and other academic tests, as well as  the great university guidance that our students receive in Baccalaureate.
Our first graduating class will finish their studies this year, the one that started Baccalaureate in September 2009 with blind faith in our professionalism and good work. Their results, along with those of future generations that are coming on strong, will undoubtedly allow us to climb up the ladder in this ranking to place us in the top positions.
This success belongs to ALL of us who make up the Yago School Educational Community. Thanks to the entire Yago School Team for making this recognition possible and for helping us every day to offer the best international education to our students.

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