Yago School at the 2021 European Youth Parliament Spain

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Achivements, Yago School


Yago School debates about society, economy and politics with young representatives from all over Europe.

Three of our students have qualified for the national phase of the Debate competition in English promoted by the European Union.

The European Youth Parliament is the largest European platform for political debate, is present in 40 European countries, and organizes an average of 600 events per year. All debates are in English related to current political issues and the use of the language, public speaking, knowledge and awareness of political and social issues, motivation and participation, cooperation and teamwork are highly valued. This year, they addressed current issues affecting Europe, from teleworking to the protection of the arts and the introduction of vaccines. 

These events consist of regional, national, or international sessions between different countries, in which committees work on the resolution of different European Union projects; the results are presented and discussed in a parliamentary assembly at the end of the session. Some of the resolutions of the international sessions are then considered by the European Parliament in Brussels.

EYP aims to encourage young people to think critically and independently and helps them learn the social and political skills that are crucial to their future.

In the words of Mr. Brody, Baccalaureate Global Politics teacher:  “Last week, three of our Baccalaureate students — Gonzalo González, Marco Yaque, and José Alejandro Ríos — participated in the highly prestigious European Youth Parliament National Selection Conference in Bilbao. Together with students from all over Spain, they formed committees that worked creatively, rigorously and collaboratively to propose innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues affecting Europe today, ranging from teleworking to protecting the arts to the vaccine rollout. 

The event culminated in the General Assembly, held on Sunday, October 10th, where each committee presented its resolutions before the other committees of the EYP and the jury, and then engaged in a fast-paced, stimulating debate in which every single student had to think on their toes to defend their ideas, challenge other committees, and make last-minute amendments in an effort to get their resolutions accepted by the EYP. It was with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that all our students’ resolutions passed, having done an outstanding job preparing for and actively participating in the debate.

This is an incredible achievement for Gonzalo, Marco, and José Alejandro. Not only could they engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a diverse group of peers from around the country, but they also made great strides in becoming independent, open-minded, collaborative, critical-thinking future leaders.