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Dia InternacionalLast Friday, April 16th, the Student Council organized a new activity of international character and solidarity which they named “INTERNATIONAL DAY”.

Dia InternacionalThe purpose of the day was twofold: on the one hand, to celebrate the international character of our school by promoting the knowledge of different nationalities and cultures, and on the other hand, a charitable objective, as funds were raised for causes that The Yago Foundation collaborates with.  The latter objective was the most important, as it has been a complicated year due to the many causes that the Foundation must attend to as a result of complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each class was assigned a country that they had to research and learn different aspects about throughout the week. In addition, from Primary onwards, students could come dressed up in something that characterized the country in question. It was a fun day, where all our students were curious to get to know and learn about different cultures.

The Student Council was involved in making sure that everything was perfectly coordinated, that students learned in a practical and fun way, and that the values of solidarity that The Yago Foundation promotes were promoted. From Infant to Secondary, different activities were organized throughout the day that guaranteed staying separated in the coexistence groups at all times. A big thanks to the DP1 students for their involvement in this international activity and for contributing to the education of rest of the students in such a positive way. Here’s to many more days like this one!


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