Yago School launches the enrichment programme for talented students.

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Yago School

Under the topic “The underwater world” they will work on different cognitive areas such as logical and verbal reasoning, spatial skills, memory and creativity

This month we have started our Curriculum Enrichment Programme with flexible groups of our high ability students.

In the curriculum enrichment projects, our gifted students do research on an interesting topic throughout the year, in this case on the underwater world. They learn a lot because they go deeper into the contents, develop their competences and skills with varied learning experiences, adapted to their level of development and interests, and enhance their abilities. 

The students will leave the classroom in small groups for a weekly 45-minute session. Each group has a teacher of reference who will carry out specific activities with them as well as the individual monitoring of each pupil. This year the topic is the underwater world. We will work on different cognitive areas such as logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, spatial skills, memory and creativity. We will also use different innovative methodologies, in order to use  a scientific method to learn about the curiosities of aquatic ecosystems and to understand how they work. For this purpose, the team of teachers has designed a very special planning according to each level, so that everyone can learn the same contents and put into practice their teamwork skills. 

We have no doubt that our students will grow in many aspects with this high level project designed by the Counselling Department team and specialist teachers, specifically for high ability students to develop all their talents. We share with you the Kick off of the project!

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