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Yago School continues to establish agreements and collaborations in the world of education.

On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that we are now a part of CESUR, an independent private association of entrepreneurs and senior managers in Southern Spain. CESUR is made up of businessmen who take a step forward toward the present with responsibility and initiative in order to improve the future. 

One of the main interests of Yago School in joining CESUR is to contribute to the Anglo-Saxon style “Think Tank“, or laboratory of ideas, directed at the educational community that promotes a space for dialogue and debate in compulsory education. One of the projects they have launched and results in the improvement of society, as well as the educational community, is the entrepreneurship contest for 200 students called “I’m Growlaber” which fits in with and enriches the financial and economic training that our students receive in the subjects of Digital Business and/or Business Management.  

Yago School presents itself as one of the most innovative schools in Andalusia and has the vocation to share its good practices to contribute to the dynamization of education, and by extension of the Andalusian society, together with the most relevant companies in Southern Spain. 

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