The importance of the family

by | May 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

Being a parent is one of the most intense and important experiences in a person’s life. The 0-3 stage is beautiful, but it is also difficult. You incorporate a little person with so many needs into the life you were used to, with all its implications: education, routines, habits, food, tantrums, sleep or lack thereof. When it seems like you are getting the hang of it, this stage ends and another begins that you, again, know nothing about.

The importance of the family

This means giving up many things, but things that become insignificant compared to seeing your child grow up healthy, happy and with solid values and principles.

Our presence in our children’s lives is going to be fundamental in the foundation of everything that will be built later. The presence of their parents will give them a sense of safety and confidence that will last a lifetime.

Today, we want to remind you that the days are passing and that “yesterday” will never return. Let’s try to make the best of it, even when the moments are not the best or the most propitious. THREE YEARS FLY BY…

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and we made a video for all of our mothers, which is attached here. To those who entrust us with their greatest TREASURES: thank you!