Yago School Nursery

Traditional values, bilingualism, music, sport and new technologies

Yago School Nursery arises from the need that parents have today to combine their professional careers with the care, attention and education of children in the first cycle of Early Childhood Education.

Our Infant School is part of the integral project of Yago School, where the students have the opportunity to educate themselves and to form themselves from the 0 to the 18 years in a center based on the pillars of our institution: : Traditional Values, Bilingualism, Music, Sport and New Technologies, in this case adapted to the ages and needs of each student. We are well aware that the environment in which children live during the first years of their lives will play a decisive role in the formation of their personality.

In these first stages of children, it is fundamental that the care and needs of all our students are covered. The moments of feeding, sleep, changes of diapers, sphincter control and outdoor play are fundamental for a complete and good development, always along with a solid educational project, with which we can get the best of our students:

We potentiate creativity, and arouse the interest to discover.

We use a methodology based on the Development of Intelligence and Early Stimulation.

We understand bilingualism the ability to use two languages indistinctly and with full powers in both. 

In order to be bilingual, it is very important to take advantage of the stage of learning the mother tongue, that is, up to 5 years of age. A young child learns naturally, does not translate, and can effortlessly and effortlessly internalize words and phonemes without major complications.

We learn the second language in a natural, playful and intuitive way: from 4 months a child can distinguish his mother tongue from a second language. At Yago School Nursery we establish the bases of spoken English through songs accompanied by gestures, games, dances and flash cards.

Early stimulation influences a person’s intellectual ability and is proven, that teaching a second language to children at an early age, improves neural connections and increases the capacity for intellectual development.

By the time they finish this stage and our students move on to the Senior School, they are able to understand the messages given in English, to do what is indicated and to name a large number of things, as well as to answer you in this second Language spontaneously and naturally. They already have a road.

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Our objectives

One of our objectives is to begin to transmit behavior patterns, norms and limits, essential for the correct development of children from a very young age. All this in a specially cared, safe, comfortable and cheerful environment, so that the children integrate in the same without any difficulty and learn in a spontaneous and natural way.

We will focus on the development of the most important aspects in the ages of our children:


Coarse psychomotor development.


Fine psychomotor development.


Emotional development.


Social development.


Language development.


Affective development.


Cognitive development.


Cognitive development.

Specifically, they are part of our objectives:


The senses.




The knowledge of your body.


The acquisition of habits and routines.


Play and movement.


The discovery of the environment.







All these objectives are progressing according to the evolutionary process of each child, so that we can put them all in the starting line to go to the Senior School.

Our facilities

Our nursery school is created in a privileged environment which is comfortable, cheerful, caring, safe and also bilingual, so that our students begin to be immersed in their second language from the first words which they speak.

All facilities have the necessities to ensure the safety and welfare of our young children.

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Our classrooms

The educational area consists of classrooms equipped and adapted to different ages, equipped with teaching materials needed at each stage: interactive whiteboards, a classroom library, table and chairs, lots of floor space, personal spaces such as hangers and storage systems for teaching students to be responsible for their things. All the classrooms are connected by large windows and also have outside ventilation.


The importance of hygiene is key in this age group. In our nursery school we have separate bathrooms, but integrated into the classroom to promote the children to learn these habits in a correct and disciplined manner. Sinks and toilets are adapted to their height, changing tables, a bath & shower and ample storage for everything you need in the care of our students (diapers, wipes, special creams, soap, towels, personal sponges …).

Outdoor garden

We have a large garden of 900m2, with natural grass areas and artificial turf that enable the motor development of the children, the development of their imagination, fantasy games, role playing, introduction to sports, social development, as well as holding different outdoor events: The Summer Show, grandparents day, birthdays …

Shaded areas are also very important therefore we have jacaranda trees, lemon trees, orange trees and false peppers.

Kitchen & Dining room

We have our own kitchen, a modern kitchen with a variety of resources for our students to lead a balanced and varied diet with fresh produce, adapted to every age and the food is made fresh each day by our professional chef.

Feeding time at hese ages are key, since it is in the stage of 0 to 3 years when they begining to learn to use the different elements of the table, to be properly seated and to try different flavors and textures.

It is a complex yet rewarding task and parents can have peace of mind that during the five days of the week your children are doing it correctly.

Nap room

In our nursery school we serve the enormous importance of the moment of rest and sleep. At these ages sleep for children is a physiological and psychological need. We help and educate students in this important habit.

For this we have a unique and exclusive space for nap time, divided into an area for cots for the younger ones and an area for small beds.

Psychomotricity room, sensory room and relaxation room

These rooms are designed for the physical development of the children all suitable for their ages.

When working with motor skills with our students, it is very important to consider the environment in which these activities are carried out. To carry our P.E, it requires space, and correct equipment, and a place where they can express what they have learned with comfort.

It is a large space, conditioned and fitted with all the necessary equipment to carry out the sessions.

Do you want to visit The Yago School Nursery from home?

If you would like to visit our school, and get to know The Yago School Nursery facilities in detail, you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

School Canteen

At Yago School Nursery we give a lot of importance to the daily dining room. Not only do we teach our students to discover the importance of a healthy, varied and balanced diet, but we work with them so that they learn to eat autonomously and we teach them the norms of behavior and the manners of the table, because it is Essential to acquire these good habits from the first years of life, since they start in the use of the different elements that appear in the food moments.

Serunion, reputed leader in collective catering in Spain and National Hotel Award in 2013, is responsible for preparing daily menus in our kitchen. It also develops personalized diets for students with intolerances, allergies or other specific needs.

Our classes

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Just like home

Our babies in Yago School Nursery, Seville receive comparable attention as to what they receive at home and they are stimulated in an environment of protection and affection.

The main priorities for them are that they eat, sleep and are kept clean. Each child in  Yago School Nursery, Seville, has individual needs. Each child follows a special diet recommended by the pediatrician and sleep when necessary, in their own crib. The diapers are changed regularly and this time is made fun for them so that they begin to enjoy hygienic habits.

The basic needs of infants are not only biological, they are also socio-affective. Babies require protection, company and to feel heard and loved.

Bilingual learning

At 4 months, a baby can distinctive guise when we speak in different languages. AT 6 months when they start babbling, they already begin with an accent of their native language, I. E; as soon as possible the approach to other minor languages occur will be the effort to learn more than one language simultaneously naturally. In Yago School Nursery, Seville we encourage this natural condition of the baby at the right times, when the child is relaxed, calm and having fun.

· – Emotional and social development – the teacher gives special affection to the babies, with a soft voice, glances, and they create a special bond.

· – Physical development – gross motor skills: Baby gym, massage for babies (digit pressure and relaxed foot therapy) outdoor movements; fine motor skills (stimulation with different texture and sizes).

· Intellectual development- theory of multiple Intelligences – games research and exploration, intelligence BITS, stories, lullabies, nursery rhymes, music, rhythm and dance.

My daily routine

In Yago School Nursery, Seville sinforms you about the care of your child receiving daily information about their routine, such as their diet, sleep and other relevant observations at the end of each day. This is done through our electronic platform, all the information is sent daily to your mobile device.


The Yago School Nursery school day is from 09:00 -17:00. The expanded “Breakfast Club” is from 07:30 – 09:00 and “Afternoon Club” is from 17:00 – 19:00


Children at this stage receive comparable attention as to what they recieve at home. Besides work aspects that will facilitate a more balanced and autonomous growth: learning to tolerate small frustrations and evolve from tears to other more appropriate forms of communication.

Food– At this age the child can now eat all kinds of food, they begin to sit at tables and manipulate utensils appropriately. The nutritional needs of children depend on their development, weight and measures, and their degree of activity.

Sleeping – The nap calms, relaxes and renews the energies of the youngest, for this moment everyone has their own crib.

Diapering – It will be a fun time where children receive care to start developing itself hygiene habits, it will be held in the bathrooms that are adapted to the little ones.

Potty training – When the child is ready to be potty trained, they start the process offering an educational intervention to the individual needs of each child.

Bilingual learning

As in the senior school, English is the main language of the daily communication in Yago School Nursery Seville, and is used naturally. We have created a specially designed framework to stimulate the three main areas of development, ensuring that English and Spanish simultaneously assimilate.

· Emotional and social development – Learning to communicate feelings, gain self-confidence and people around you and start enjoying the first steps of independence, accepting the first “no”.

· Physical Development – Gross motor skills: acquisition of a level of global motor development. fine motor skills: Once seated by themselves, they can advance the development of fine motor skills and manipulation of objects.

· Development Theory of Multiple Intelligences intellectual games- Research and exploration, first scribbles, bits of intelligence, stories, lullabies, nursery rhymes, music, rhythm and dance. First words.

My daily routine

Yago School Nursery, Seville informs you about the care of your child, receiving daily information about thei routine, such as their diet, sleep and any other relevant observation at the end of each day. This is done through our electronic platform all the information is sent daily to your mobile device.


Yago School Nursery, Seville school day is from 09:00 -17:00. The expanded “Breakfast Club” is from 07:30 – 09:00 and “Afternoon Club” is from 17:00 – 19:00



Two years is an intense age full of changes, in which children begin to become more aware, they start to participate actively in every situation and activity, and they gain their independence. In the Yago School Nursery,Seville they enjoy receiving the same attention as they do at home, daily and they are getting prepared for the senior school.

At this age they begin to enjoy their autonomy in food, hygiene, daily routines and achieve ultimate toilet control. We will give special importance to their feelings and emotions, making them strong children being able to positively overcome each situation that they will have to face in their daily lives.

Bilingual learning

Through imitation and immersed in communicative situations children will develop the language, and although still mixing the two languages, they will soon learn to differentiate and to use each in context.

I get older

In this final year of nursery school Yago School Nursery in Seville we will be preparing children for the Senior School, in addition to working the emotional, social relationships, physical development through gross motor skills and intellectual development through the multiple intelligences, stories, nursery rhymes, music and starting with pre-literacy activities.

My daily routine

La Yago School Nursery, Seville Seville informs you about the care of your child, receiving daily information about thei routine, such as their diet, sleep and any other relevant observation at the end of each day. This is done through our electronic platform, all the information is sent daily to your mobile device.


Yago School Nursery, Seville school day is from 09:00 -17:00. The expanded “Breakfast Club” is from 07:30 – 09:00 and “Afternoon Club” is from 17:00 – 19:00