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Last week, we experienced a week full of activities related to reading to commemorate Book Day, celebrated on April 23rd.

At Yago School, it is always a big week, when students are the protagonists of the stories, sharing their favorite books with their classmates, meeting important and interesting authors past and present, preparing important plays that the older ones perform to the younger ones, and doing Gymkhanas where the characters take on a life of their own – all in both Spanish and English. It is a theme week where we achieve the objective of awakening in some, and continuing to nourish in others, the love of reading that is fundamental to our project. 

In Nursery and Infant, students showed off their favourite books, presenting their favourite stories to the rest of their classmates in the morning meetings; besides reading, they are also working on public speaking. This forces them to talk in front of their friends about a specific topic and form an idea, making a summary of it. In addition, they made bookmarks that were later given as a gift to our families or used in their own books. 

In Primary, they worked in a different way considering the virtual classroom, but with the same intensity as always. In the first courses of Primary, P1 & P2, they tackled all the activities in a humorous way: full of riddles, tongue twisters, and jokes. In this way, they dedicated themselves to work in a playful way, allowing them to laugh a lot in classes, which is extra important these days.

In Primary 3 & Primary 4, they dedicated themselves to working on social media, specifically creating hypothetical profiles of the most emblematic characters of the time on Instagram, such as Cervantes and Antonio Machado. This has allowed them not only to study the likes, hobbies, and information about the authors, but also to work on design applications to implement their profiles. These samples, combining history and modernity in a single activity, are quite beautiful.


In P5, they worked on their favorite book and prepared a poster of what would be their favourite book that has been made into a film, as well as which scenes should be included in the film, taking into account the fundamentals of the book. They talked about the fact that most of the time books have a lot more details than movies, they reach people more deeply, and most of the time, when there is a book and a movie, the book is always the best version.   Finally, in P6, they did an analysis of the titles they had at home and the titles found, doing a cooperative project that consisted of reading titles and creating a small story. A great team work!

Secondary school participated through drawing and capturing the reading that everyone was doing at home. In this way, through the drawings they made a version of the book cover that made their daily reading more enjoyable. In addition, they worked on titles such as “Fuenteovejuna” and presented their conclusions.

It was a magnificent week where the common denominator at all stages was to continue the excigtetment about books and to pass all the benefits of them on to our children. Congratulations to the Spanish and English Departments for such good work!

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