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The international bilingual school in Seville, Yago School, has organized another year of “Voluntariado Express”, a wonderful solidarity initiative with the objective of raising money in just one day to shelter the homeless.

The Sevillian School celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, pays special attention to teaching traditional values, among which solidarity stands out. In addition, this academic year marks the implementation of the prestigious Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization, which offers its students a subject called CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service). First year International Baccalaureate students led this activity at school and participated collaboratively with the community in response to a real need: helping the homeless people in Seville.

The experience was quite enriching. From 9:00 and 18:00, €143,025 was collected in Spain and 1,325 homeless people were attended. The best thing about the activity was that 50 students enjoyed a unique experience with special relevance; they reflected on their own experience, planned what they should do, and actively participated in this project, understanding that they are members of local and global communities and that they have responsibilities to each other and to the environment.

Yago thinks that its students can and should transform society. The School maintains its initial commitment to instill the importance of social action and service in its 750 student’s, and consistently worries about student awareness of the needs of the most disadvantaged by offering multiple volunteer programs also promoted by our foundation,  The Yago Foundation.

We are very grateful to all the students for being a part of this beautiful project, and to the teachers and parent volunteers who accompanied them.
We leave you an emotional letter from a partner that sums up the feeling that everyone shared very well. We are lucky to have you.
Yes, Dear Team, how lucky I am!
The echoes of the experience we had yesterday during “Voluntariado Express” continue to resonate within me. Images come to mind continuously like a flash where I see faces of excitement, eyes showing emotion, gestures that go far beyond just giving something. I still hear your voices, exchanging impressions of what we saw, what we were feeling, what was inside you.
I am so lucky! To be able to share a few priceless hours. In spite of the cold, puddles and kilometers walked, we moved on from the “why”of things to “what for”. To discover other realities, often invisible to our eyes, and thanks to experiences like this, we had these realities very present.
I am so lucky! To live with a human group that is able to stop in their lives (often busy) to share, to give with their hands full, to know how to put themselves in the place of the other who does not have the same fate as themselves, and to discover that after each person we meet and with whom we speak, has a significant and sometimes surprising story.
I am so lucky! To see how, on occasion, we are able to make the best of ourselves, to step forward and get out of the comfortable square meter in which we usually move; to help ourselves, to encourage ourselves, to leave prejudices behind and surrender. Yes, how lucky am I to be able to offer a hot broth that comforts the body and a conversation that feeds the soul.
I am so lucky! To have the opportunity to get to know that other self that we all have and observe how teachers, students and parents turned their generosity, time and desire to give, and into a desire to RECEIVE with capital letters. These things not only unite, but really build people, forging a solid mast in their lives to prepare for the storms when they come, as they surely will.
I am so lucky! Because today, without a doubt, and thanks to you, I am a little better than yesterday.
Thank you to the managers, collaborators, parents, teachers and especially students who never cease to surprise me and make me feel like this is worth it again.
My most sincere hug,
A volunteer

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