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Yago School con la Ministra de Defensa

Mr Resa, Chairman and Headmaster of the international, bilingual Yago School in Seville has actively contributed to the signing of a collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Defence and ACADE, the Association of Autonomous Private Education Centres to promote a culture of peace and highlight the work of the Armed Forces at the associated schools.

The agreement, formalised by the Minister of Defence and the president of ACADE on February 6th, with the encouragement and participation of Yago School, facilitates the incorporation of teachers in training courses organised by the Ministry of Defence, visits by teachers and students to military facilities and academies, military museums, as well as participation in military conferences, informative talks or conferences organised by centres associated with ACADE.


In the photograph, from left to right, Mr. Javier Casas, Director of the Division of Coordination and Security and Defence Studies, Admiral Martínez Núñez, Secretary General of Defence Policy, our Chairman, Mr. Ramón Resa, Ms. Dolores de Cospedal, Minister of Defence, Mr. Jesús Núñez, President of ACADE, Ms. Charo Vera, General Secretary of ACADE and Ms. Ana Salas, Director of Institutional Relations of ACADE.


The Minister announced that one of the main aims of the General Defence Culture Plan is to promote the knowledge of everything related to the defence culture in the education system and promote research, study, analysis and debate.


“Among the priority groups are students and teachers. It is about bringing awareness of the work done by more than 120,000 men and women within the national territory and in a dozen international missions whose mission is to defend the safety and protection of Spanish families. For this, a Collaboration Plan within the Educational and Research System is being enabled throughout schools and other educational organisations such as universities or ACADE, which is the first organisation which to be given the go ahead to implement this plan.” Cospedal affirmed.

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