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WASC international accreditation

Yago School has just received the WASC international accreditation for every academic stage from grades pre-Kindergarten through 8th.

WASC is one of six institutions that the US has empowered to accredit the quality of the best schools both inside and outside its borders, and the only one that works in collaboration with IBO (International Baccalaureate). Specifically, it focuses on schools with a strong international profile.

Yago School becomes the first school in Seville that has this prestigious distinction, the result of intense preparation, in every area, that has lasted two years.

In their final report, the members of the Evaluation Commission (31 people) emphasize an excellent level of bilingualism, a modern curriculum design, the very high degree of commitment and enthusiasm of the whole team, the quality and quantity of facilities and the proliferation of resources, both human and material.

This WASC international accreditation further strengthens the international and cosmopolitan character of Yago School, giving it the status of an overseas school in Spain, therefore allowing it to impart its own curriculum, and consolidates its position at the vanguard of quality education in Seville.

WASC international accreditation

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