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During the month of October Yago School Secondary 2 students have worked on optical illusions in art, also known as Op Art.

In this style, which emerged in the 1960s from artists such as Bridget Riley (1931) or Victor Vasarely (1906-1907) artists create images that challenge our perception, through the illusory manipulation of repetitive forms such as simple parallel lines, chessboard patterns and concentric circles or by playing with combinations of colours that give the feeling that the images seem to move, deform or fade away.

After getting to know several examples of this artistic style they have worked independently choosing each one of them their own optical illusion to make in their art book, many chose the popular 3D hands, but also others chose other types of illusions like grid, ricochet or helicopter drawings.

Above all we have to highlight their group projects: painting large optical illusions, in some cases they had to put into practice their mathematical and geometrical knowledge to be able to carry them out.

The results have been spectacular, working in groups in the art classroom and seeing how their projects have been coordinated, developed and resolved has been very gratifying and beneficial for everyone.
We hope that their work can trick your eyes!

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