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A group of Secondary 4 and 1DP students from Yago School, have already participated in the first regional phase of the European Youth Parliament Spain (EYPE)

What is EYP – European Youth Parliament?

EYP is an educational programme aimed at 16-17 year olds from all over Europe who are open, tolerant and active citizens. It is a forum for reflection and expression of their opinions on a wide range of topics from the world around them.

A jury will now select the winners from the thirty schools participating in the fourteen regional sessions to travel to Valencia, the host city for the National Session.

The Seville meeting took place at the Plaza de España, at the EUSA University Centre and at Torre Sevilla.


Our S4 student Lucia de la Cruz explains how this experience has been:

European Youth Parliament is an apolitical and non-partisan organization with an educational spirit aimed at addressing the needs of European youth.

The lucky ones selected to represent Yago School in these debate days were Gonzalo González, Cristina Beltrán, Santiago Velázquez, Marcos Yaque, Pablo López and myself, from S4. They were three very intense days, and a great experience in which we met people from other schools and from all over Andalusia.

We discussed interesting topics such as talent retention in EU member countries, terrorism, freedom of expression, new addictions that arise among young people around technology and many other issues that made us think.

The first day was dedicated to breaking the ice by meeting all the components of the committees that the organization had formed.

The next day was a preparation and a search for solutions to the proposed problems that on the last day had to be presented and defended before the rest of the committees and a board that evaluated our performance.

In all this process we have been guided by Ms Tepler, who has been a fantastic support for all of us… Thank you very much!

Good luck, you have a lot to contribute to the society of the future!

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