Yago School teaches mathematics with EMAT Project

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Infant

EMAT, an innovative and different way of working on mathematics from a very early age.


Through multiple intelligences, such as mathematical logic, verbal, naturalistic, musical, visual, spatial, kinesthetic, bodily, interpersonal and intrapersonal, students learn at their own pace and achieve basic math skills. 

It is a cyclical program, as everything can be learned from the earliest ages to go up steps little by little in EMAT, using manipulative play as a tool and a lot of cooperative work. The objective is to achieve the basic competencies in mathematics by contextualizing them, with real life examples that have a real meaning to the students.

Asking a child to think is something very abstract, so we help them to become aware of their own thinking and we get them used to reflection. For this reason, we use different strategies for routines and thinking strategies; thinking routines are cognitive patterns that encourage thinking and help to structure ideas and knowledge: “I thought and felt”, “now I think and feel”.

The sessions are divided into three moments where three fundamental objectives are worked on. The stimulation program proposed for early years is that of Glenn Doman.

With this program, our students gain mental agility.  Bits are units of visual and auditory information that will favor future learning; the intention is not for students to memorize and learn at the moment that the stimulation is occurring, but it contributes to improving understanding in future learning.  Thanks to this stimulation, students will generate synaptic connections that will myelinate and favor meaningful learning.

Proof of how well the mathematics program works at Yago School are the numerous successes that our Primary, Secondary, and Baccalaureate students have achieved in math contests and Olympiads. Who said that mathematics was dry and boring? Here, we consider it a fundamental pillar in student development and we provide them with an experience that makes the student approach it with interest and joy. 

As you can see, we are always at the forefront of education at Yago, with the most current and innovative methods. 

Our students are our treasure!


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