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Yago School prueba Spike de LEGO

Yago School, a reference school in the South of Spain for Lego Education Studio Robotix, has had the opportunity to test SPIKE over the last few weeks, which is the latest model of robot that LEGO has launched in the market.  

At Yago School we firmly believe that the “maker” culture, or practical and active learning, is the most effective way to learn. The innovative materials of LEGO Education help us to involve students in relevant projects for the real world and to use STEAM methodologies in a transversal way in the areas of Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics.

There are many learning values proposed by Lego Education Studio Robotix through this new kit:

  • Development of programming and problem solving skills
  • Designing projects that combine hardware and software components
  • Individual and team work with variables, vectors and data in the cloud
  • Application of critical thinking, abstract reasoning, resolution of relevant and attractive STEAM challenges and skill development
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation: students invent and apply engineering designs for each step of the process, create prototypes and analyze data for solutions

For all these reasons, Spike from Lego is a perfect ally to complete the advanced training in computational thinking of Yago School students, since this LEGO pack contributes to the simple and intuitive learning of our students in the ICT or Design & Technology class, where they develop programming and robotics skills “Coding & Robotics” through a simple block coding system based on Scratch. 

Yago School students enjoy technology and science, and also develop very useful skills for their professional future while having fun in the LEGO Lab.


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