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Yago School, the international school celebrating its 10th anniversary, inaugurated the 2019-2020 school year with a traditional and particularly exciting performance.

Per usual, the event started up with all school staff taking part in a musical performance, showing off one of this unique school’s main pillars.

Singer Alejandro Vega adapted the lyrics of the popular song “My Way” for the School in order to captivate more than a thousand school families and friends. He was joined by many music teachers who made up the orchestra, as well as an exceptional chorus composed of the management team, teaching staff, secretaries and administrators.

vídeo Yago School

After the music, School Director Mr. Resa introduced the team and offered an inspiring speech, followed by Deputy Headmistress of Infant and Primary, Marina Martinez, and Deputy Headmistress of Secondary and Baccalaureate, Blanca Dominguez.

video de yago School

Once each teacher had introduced themselves, as well as the new Housemistresses of Sussex, Larch Hill and Stradbrook, parents were able to get to know their children’s classrooms and dynamics that will be followed throughout the school year.

vídeo yago Schoolvídeo yago School

The performance was filled with special moments that represent the kick start of a very special 10th school year.

10 years now, together in this educational project that takes shape more and more each day and that moves toward the finish line of Yago’s first class, which has reached the first year of Baccalaureate this year.

However, as usual, nothing could have been achieved without the commitment of a team 100 strong that has made the School their lives and priority. A team that puts the children before themselves and that are completely prepared to accompany them throughout these years, teaching and molding them. The team that does not stop attending courses to better their service in the best educational techniques and methodologies in a diverse range of aspects. A team that year after year shows its happiness, professionalism, and values that are transmitted in this presentation.

Above all, a big thank you to the parents of the more than 740 Yago School students. Thank you to the parents of the 90 new students this year for entrusting us with your children.

We truly hope that you have as much fun as we do upon watching this presentation video and remembering this special moment!

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