Physical Education Awards

por | Ene 4, 2019 | Primary, Sports

Yago School Awards in PE

Students in the Primary School have been receiving awards for their Sporting Excellence and their Sportsmanship skills. Each month the PE teachers form Primary 1 – Primary 6 award two pupils from each class for their abilities in those areas:

‘The Sportsmanship Award’ is for the student who has shown excellence in the way they conduct themselves in lessons. They need to have a positive attitude and be respectful towards all of their classmates. They need to be compassionate and caring – something that can be difficult when you are playing hard to win, but It is something that we believe is possible at Yago.

The ‘Best Performer’ award is achieved by demonstrating excellence in the activity that is being taught in that particular month. The expectation is that excellence is combined with a positive attitude towards PE and their peers. Each award winner receives a certificate and a House Point for their houses. Some of the award winners are shown in this picture.

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