Physical Education (P.E.): Yoga

por | Ene 24, 2018 | Secondary, Sports

The Secondary students at Yago School may have youth on their side, but this doesn’t mean their lives are pressure-free. Hours a day sitting at a desk or computer monitor and more hours doing daily school tasks can cause a young body to tense up. If we add the social pressures that they start feeling at this tender age, all these burdens start taking their toll.

Being stressed is a major obstacle to academic achievement. Yoga a known stress relief tool that can boost students’ performances. All Yago School secondary classes and in this special case S1A, have started this school year having an introduction to Yoga during their physical education timetable. The objective for the long term, is to provide the skills and tools that will allow them to practice life-enhancing abilities that will have a positive impact on their lives. Improvements like a better mind/body connection, encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle and promoting an overall sense of well-being.


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