Learning English through Role Playing

por | Jun 14, 2018 | English, Infant

Role playing:

During the third term, Infant 5 students were swiftly pulled into real-world situations in English class as they learned about all kinds of different professions and transportation options. Role playing.

To really get into the roles, I5A and I5C designed and acted out plays that included these two topics as their final English project.

I5A’s play is about an on-the-go family that must deal with an unexpected injury. To unwind, they decide to take a trip to New York City and you can only imagine what they found there!

I5C’s play is about a family who spends their Friday evening out in the city. While this seems like just your average night, you will be surprised at the adventures that follow as they take the subway to an array of different destinations.

This dynamic, out-of-the-box activity allowed the children to put their creativity to use, work together as a group, and practice public speaking – all while on camera! Everyone did their best to participate in different ways on the final product and, above all, everyone had a blast in the process.

Enjoy the shows!

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