Science Assembly

por | May 30, 2017 | Science

In Yago School, private bilingual school in Seville, we try to learn in a practical way. For that reason, we celebrated the second Science Assembly of the year.

Scientific experiments at Yago School

We have recently celebrated the second Science Assembly of the year.

A science fair was organized in the Sports Hall, in which more than fifty students from P1 to P6 carried out their outstanding experiments.

It was very rewarding to see the excitement of our young scientists while explaining their projects to their peers.

Science projects at Yago School

There were projects on many different topics as physics, chemistry, biology and geology. For instance, we were able to enjoy with a wide variety of volcanos, lemon batteries that turned on low voltage light bulbs, lava lamps, pH sensors, etc.

We had also the opportunity to meet some Secondary students’ pets that were our special guests for one day.

We all love Science at Yago School!

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