The seeds project in Biology

por | May 11, 2017 | Science, Secondary

In Yago School, private bilingual school in Seville, one of our pillars is the educational innovation. As part of that, we want our studens to learn in a different way. That’s why the made this seed project in biology as well as other projects in other classes.

Project in Biology. Seeds.

Seeds project in biology at Yago School

Students in Secondary 1 brought  seeds from different plants to grow them in the lab. They had to search first for information about each plant and write a report. They have been working on this project for more than a month and in most cases the seeds have successfully  germinated. We have grown a broad variety of plants as for instance, lettuce, lemon tree, garlic, melon, tomato, sunflower and many others.

The seeds project in biology at yago School 1

The seeds project in biology at yago School 2

The seeds project in biology at yago School 3

Plants reproduce in other ways that sometimes happen in nature. Mimicking what happens if a broken stem falls to the ground, you can take a cutting and push it into the ground, or in soil within a container. They grew several plants asexually getting cuttings from English ivy, mint and succulent plants. After few days their roots sprout and they got a new plant.

The seeds project in biology at yago School 3

project in biology

project in biology

If you want to know more about how our students learn, feel free to contact us and request all the information you need. We will help you in all we can.

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