Wake and Shake in Infant 5

por | Sep 22, 2017 | Infant

Colegio privado bilingüe yago School

Wake and Shake is an important part of our daily life at Yago School.

This special moment we have each morning gives our students the opportunity to follow routines and to take care of small responsibilities. The first thing our Infant 5 children do when they walk in the door is give their journals to their teachers and put their morning snacks and their water bottles in their designated places. After these small chores are finished, they have time to play with their friends at their table or to complete fine motor skills activities.

When we wrap up the first half of the hour, we put away our journals and do circle time on the floor. We talk about the weather, review the months and days of the week, count, and consult our class schedule to see what we will be doing during the day. Our favorite part of morning circle time, however, is when we get to share our thoughts with our friends and teachers. We talk about our feelings, what we did or what we are going to do over the weekend, and whatever else is on our mind. This helps our students gain confidence when they speak in front of other people and creates a sense of community in the class. Before beginning our busy day, we like to complete one more activity as a group.

Colegio privado bilingüe yago School

We can do anything from reading a story to going on a nature walk to building pyramids out of plastic cups.

The possibilities are endless! After we are awoken and shaken, it´s time to get to work!

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