21st Century Curriculum
Ages 3 to 18 years
Yago School


PYP - Primary Years Programme.

MYP - Middle Years Programme.

DP - Diploma Programme.

We provide a differentiated curriculum in which we combine the IB® programmes with the national curriculum in a common pedagogical framework, recognised for each programme, and with a coherent structure of objectives and values.

The main objective of the Diploma Programme is to provide our students with an internationally recognised and comprehensive education that prepares them for university and for their future careers. Through participation in IB programmes, students learn to become thoughtful citizens, able to express their thoughts and to manage their time and responsibilities well.

Its programmes are focused on developing inquiring, informed, educated, caring and motivated students.

It is the perfect training for our students’ university studies, giving them the opportunity to study at top universities in the world.

Educational Principles

Advantages of an International Curriculum

Our students are provided with a unique education, where we constantly challenge them and help them to think differently.

Students in IB World Schools receive an exceptional education where:

Primary Years Programme

Age range: 3-12 years.

We have just started the application process for this programme to be implemented in our School.

It focuses on the development of the child. (PYP – Infant 3 to Primary 6) Students develop understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, develop particular attitudes and learn to take responsible social action.

Primary Years Programme at Yago

The IB Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework for students aged 3 to 12 years, so it covers our current Infant and Primary stages. It is based on a philosophy that recognises a child’s natural sense of curiosity, creativity and capacity for reflection,   not only focusing on academics, which we believe is also very important, but focusing on creating citizens with a set of skills and values, which they will know how to use in the future.  It is a very flexible programme, so it accommodates all the requirements of our national curriculum, which we will continue to work with.

With the PYP we work through the units of enquiry, which weave together ideas and skills from different areas such as:

Language, Social and Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Personal, Social and Physical Education, ICT…etc.

This approach encourages students to make their own connections between what they know and how it relates to the world around them, that is, they relate their prior knowledge to the new knowledge they will construct.

Children construct their own learning, they are inquiring, questioning, investigating through their interests. This investigation leads them to ask themselves questions, which will lead them to many more,   so the circle of enquiry does not really end. Teachers do not just give concrete answers but encourage students to be thinkers and to question. The PYP is implemented in Infant and Primary, and teachers adapt its content to meet the learning needs of all students.

Middle Years Programme

Age range: 11-16 years.

We have just started the application process for this programme to be implemented in our School.

It encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the world.

(MYP – Secondary 1 to Secondary 4).

Diploma Programme

Age range: 16-19 years.

Aims to develop students who have an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge.

(IB – DP1 to DP2).

Other educational principles

Educational Principles


Educational Principles

Music and Art

Educational Principles

Science and Technology

Educational Principles


Educational Principles