Sports at Yago School
Ages 0 to 18 years
Educational Principles

Sports at Yago School

Being physically active is a habit that we encourage from childhood that helps our children with their physical and mental development.  Due to its popularity and positive values, sport is surely one of the greatest things ever created.

It is a powerful tool that breaks down all the barriers, allowing them to develop their skills, exercise, make new friends, have fun, be part of a team, learn how to play fairly, improve self-esteem, and much more.

Practising world sports at Yago School

From the early stages of Nursery until they reach Baccalaureate, we educate our students in a holistic way, developing their motor skills, putting into practice processes, knowledge and encouraging the acquisition of healthy lifestyles.

At Yago School we teach three Physical Education modules a week and we also have numerous extracurricular activities and competitions through which our students learn about, practise and specialise in a wide variety of sports. Discovering sporting disciplines from different parts of the world is a stimulus for all students: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, hockey, cricket… In our school we dedicate a month to each sport.

In the Physical Education department we aim to work on the skills and motor development of the students through different exercises, sports, circuits, games and activities.

Sport in Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Nursery (0 to 2 years)

In the first stage of nursery, we aim to promote physical development, specifically the coordination, balance, orientation, and safety of our little ones.

We work with a wooden brachiation ladder for hand and arm strength; blocks for balance; cones, bars, and hoops for jumping; and balls for hand-eye coordination.

Our tiniest students develop all motor skills, respective to their age, in a psychomotor classroom equipped with all the necessary materials to ensure effective development of their motor systems. The activities take place in a spectacular setting, surrounded by glass, giving privileged views of the garden of this exclusive private nursery in Seville, and boasts natural light and permanent ventilation. In addition, our facilities comply with our objectives of sustainable development and care for the environment.

Early Years (3 to 5 years old)

In the second stage of Early Years, we take a step further towards individualized student work. We teach three weekly modules of Physical Education, and two hours of Brain Gym. Through the “Brain Gym” program, our specialist teacher creates neuromotor circuits in order to stimulate basic motor skills; this type of activity allows our children to develop their motor skills while stimulating their cognitive development. We focus mainly on movement and balance, which has enormous benefits on the body and mind.

Psychomotor work addresses three main levels:

We can’t forget that psychomotor education contributes to the integral development of our little ones, as it improves their vital functions and state of mind.

We have also developed a program to detect motor skills disorders. These disorders can involve a developmental delay of movement and posture that leave children with coordination substantially below that of others of their age and intelligence level.

Our objective is to detect and take action to help children overcome such disorders at this early age.

Primary Years (6 to 12 years old)

At our international school in Seville, we teach three modules of Physical Education per week. Besides playing the most popular sports, we allow our students to discover a wide range of sports from different parts of the world, which is a stimulus for all students. Volleyball, baseball, tag rugby, field hockey and ultimate frisbee are some of their favorites.

As part of the PYP program, our content is related to the Units of Inquiry, as part of a transdisciplinary teaching methodology.

We dedicate one term to athletics, allowing students to experience and enjoy a wide variety of Olympic & Paralympic Sports. At the end of this program, students have the opportunity to show their progress at one of the biggest events on the Yago School Calendar, the Yago School Mini Olympics.


Additional sports activities

Active playgrounds

We give the students the opportunity to enjoy playgrounds in an active way, providing different material and organizing activities, allowing them to practice different sports and be active in their playgrounds.

P.E. Assemblies

Once a month we organize a range of team building games, for the entire stage to compete with and alongside their tutors, allowing students to build rapport with their teachers and peers.

House Games

Competitions, challenges and activities are organised to earn Housepoints throughout the year, with prizes for exemplary behaviour and hard work. At the last assembly of the year the winning house is announced and the cup is awarded. All brothers and sisters belong to the same house. The flag of the winning house is hoisted on the school flagpole every month. Each house has its own Housemaster/Housemistress, captain and vice-captain who run the house.

Surf Camp

At the end of the school year, we organize a Surfing experience for PYP8 & PYP9 students in a beautiful location such as La Barrosa, in Sancti Petri, one of the best beaches in southern Spain for surfing. During this week, students have the chance to get in touch with surfing. This activity is planned for every student regardless of their technical level as they will receive personalised attention according to their skills. It is an outing that combines water sports such as Surf, Paddlesurf, Bodyboard and Kayak and other types of activities and sports always in contact with nature such as Yoga, Golf, Surfskate, Beach Volley, Bicycle routes or a boat trip to the Sancti Petri Castle.

Todos Olímpicos

“Todos Olímpicos”, is an initiative to promote the values of Olympism among schoolchildren throughout Spain. This program is developed in collaboration with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) and with the participation of elite athletes, with the aim of promoting sport as an educational tool and promoting the values of Olympism among schools.


Sports in Secondary and Baccalaureate

In the Secondary and Baccalaureate stages, students specialize in a wide variety of sports. We are proud to say that Yago School boasts one of the most complete curriculums in Andalusia. We work on a wide range of traditional sports, such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and also sports that allow our students to have completely new experiences, such as slackline, American tag football, FitBoxing, and Parkour.

With the practice of this variety of modalities, the intention is for our students to incorporate sports into their lives and thus encourage them to develop healthy habits that develop a better quality of life.

Inside our curriculum, we also work the promotion of healthy competition within our students and create an environment where they can engage, driving each other to push harder in their drills and being a source of motivation for one another during class sessions. Racing to see who can sprint faster, shoot more hoops or do more push-ups during a training session helps build skills that will carry over to game situation as long as it’s all in good fun.

These tournaments take place during their playground time where the different groups of secondary and baccalaureate students compete among them.

Competitions at Yago School

Western Andalusia Interschool Tournament

Every year our students participate representing the school in this important sporting event. It is an inter-school golf tournament held in the magnificent sports facilities of La Cartuja and organized by the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation as part of its work to promote sport in schools.

Popular Runs

Yago School students are incentivized to participate in Seville Popular Runs events, being rewarded with extra point at their final mark. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide life experiences in these types of sportive events sorrounded which are often connected to charity purposes which promote many physical and emotional benefits.


Sports-themed excursions / Outdoor learning

Our curriculum is rich and varied and includes a wide variety of field trips and excursions so that our students can also continue learning in other contexts and situations. We believe that these outings are essential and beneficial to our students. Sports trips allow children to participate in group physical activities outside of school.

SKI Trip

In order to enjoy winter sports with the help of qualified professionals, every year we organize a ski trip in the unique natural environment of Sierra Nevada. During 4 days our students regardless of their technical level, have a personalised attention according to their skills.


This sport is a unique learning experience in the middle of nature. A day of hiking through the Natural Parks of Andalucia is the ideal educational complement to observe contents of the subjects of natural and social sciences in real life. At the same time, moderate but continuous exercise is practiced. It is therefore a transversal activity that also promotes ethical and aesthetic values.

Sport Beach Day

Our beaches and coasts offer us a wide range of spaces that we can and should take advantage of with our students, so that they know in a more detailed way, the environment that surrounds us, in addition to providing them with a variety of activities. This activity takes place at the end of the third term, with the intention of awaken in them, the pleasure of practicing sports in which they can work respect, tolerance, friendship.


Discover our sports facilities

Our school has different sports areas such as:


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