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The Yago Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was created in 2011 from the enthusiasm and commitment of the entire Yago School team to help and to carry the spirit of Solidarity to society.

All its actions are oriented towards the same goal, Solidarity. Con este espíritu pretendemos transmitir en especial a los alumnos de Yago School y a la sociedad en general, la importancia de ser solidarios, de pensar en los demás y de pararnos de vez en cuando y mirar a nuestro alrededor a observar las necesidades de los que nos rodean. A veces será solo una sonrisa, un gesto, un abrazo, otras, compañía, palabras de consuelo e incluso dinero o comida, cualquiera de estas que se encuentren a nuestro alcance con el fin de poder hacer feliz a alguien. This is the essence of The Yago Foundation: to unite all of us to make a better world.

The Foundation’s assets are permanently dedicated to the following general purposes, as follows:

The Yago Foundation

What do we do?

The Foundation is born with the enthusiasm and commitment to help those who need it, mainly the large group that already exists around the school, but we do not want to limit its scope of action. Both the work of Father Jota in Peru, the aid that Father James needs, as well as all the solidarity actions that we currently carry out and those that we will carry out in the future, will also be channelled through the Foundation.

At The Yago Foundation, we work on solidarity activities so that the children at Yago School are aware of the needs of others and have a spirit of charity from a very young age.

Children are not born with a spirit of solidarity, solidarity is taught to children through everyday situations. Solidarity must be taught and transmitted through example. We must show solidarity among ourselves, with our children, friends, relatives, so that they see how we act at home. It is the exercise that most encourages the internalisation of values in children. We must teach them to put themselves in the other person’s place and this must start with ourselves.

It is very important to have good communication with our children, as this will generate enough trust to transmit the values that were transmitted to us in our childhood. It is advisable to talk to them about what is right and wrong, what the other person would like and what they could do to help, collaborate or cooperate. We should discuss with them some situations or events that reinforce the solidarity work of someone and what they have achieved. In this way, they will be promoting this important value.

At Yago School we work on empathy in children, that is, the awakening of concern for others. We encourage them to help the little ones, to share school materials with those who have been forgotten and to care for a classmate who is ill, as well as for their classmates at Liceo Español, a sister school in Peru.

We are aware that due to the current economic situation, many families and organisations need our help, so we collaborate with Father James, the school priest or any entity or family that requests it. Every year we organise campaigns to collect food, clothes and toys for families who, due to circumstances, find themselves in need. We collaborate with Caritas in Tocina, which we know does a formidable job.

We make financial donations to other non-profit organisations that carry out solidarity actions, and that direct their efforts to families and the less favoured. Among them is the Fundación Nuestra Señora del Rocío de Triana, whose work is commendable.

We want to give back and reciprocate, as far as possible and in the form of aid and support, to the parents of the school, to the students and to society in general, a small part of the effort involved in the commitment to the educational process.

We provide help and support to parents of students at Yago School who are experiencing financial or other difficulties.

We ensure that students whose parent, the main financial supporter of the family, dies, are able to complete their studies at Yago School.

Father Juan Fernández Salvador, better known as Father Jota, a priest from Seville and a great friend of ours. He is based in Peru, doing impressive work in both the educational and family areas. He watches over all the families who come to him, and most importantly, he fights for the children to receive an impeccable education so that they can help their families in the future.

He has created from nothing a school, the I.E.P. Liceo Español San Juan Bautista, which covers from Infant to Secondary, where the children attend every day with the best of their smiles. Thanks to this project, more than 1000 students receive classes every day, instilling values and education that will help them to face life in the future, being agents of change, with an ethical formation. Since 2011 we have been twinned with the I.E.P. Liceo Español San Juan Bautista, with this twinning we aim to bring our children closer to other cultures, and we seek to strengthen ties with visits and exchanges between students and teachers.

We firmly believe in this solidarity project and our pupils at Yago School are very involved in this cause. Every year we are lucky enough to have Father Jota visit us and tell us first hand about the progress of our colleagues there, the pupils exchange letters with their experiences and get closer and closer to the reality that these children live. They are proud to be part of this project and happy to meet friends from the Liceo Español.

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