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Ages 0 to 18 years

Yago School’s principles have been built on the following educational pillars: traditional values, music and art, science and technology, languages, sports and an outstanding curriculum. Six bases that, combined with a demanding academic training, provide our students with an extremely solid foundation from which to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. Yago School offers an international curriculum based on the Spanish educational curriculum using English as the main source of communication during the school day and in order to attain complete mastery of the language.


Yago School sets the standards for a principled education that enables our students to be part of their own learning journey that is personally and socially transformative in an ever changing world.


Yago School provides a principled education to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. We assist students in discovering their talents and in developing their human, intellectual and emotional potential to the fullest. We nurture in them the creative, critical and technical competences necessary to respond to the present and future challenges.

Yago School team is in continuous learning, adding value to the organization, understanding the School’s vision, and are committed to achieve excellence and act as a guide and inspiration to the students. We are responsible for the international, human, social and intellectual formation of our students.

Pupil profile

Yago School promotes in its students the following pupil’s profile: Principled, adaptable, open-minded, collaborative, proactive, analytical thinker, communicator, creative and with emotional intelligence.

At Yago School our main objectives include:

Ultimately, at Yago School we are completely transforming the educational-learning system so that our students can successfully confront many of the educational challenges of the 21st century, by offering an international curriculum based on the Spanish educational system and by using the English language as a communicative instrument inside and outside the classroom.

Yago School

International Character

From their first days here, Yago School inculcates in its students a marked international character. Our mission is to contribute to the development of the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills necessary to live, learn and work in an increasingly interconnected and globalised world.

In 2019, Yago School was authorised to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, becoming part of the exclusive IB World Schools. The International Baccalaureate Organisation aims to establish a common curriculum among a group of international schools for the final two years of study that is recognised by any university in the world, making it easily accessible to students.

From this academic year 2022-2023 we have begun to teach the Primary Years Programme, aimed at our students from 3 to 12 years of age, and whose purpose is the integral development of the student, encouraging their capacity for enquiry, discovery and connection of what they have learnt with the world around them.

In our eagerness to offer our students the best education for their future, we are introducing international educational systems that coexist and integrate perfectly with the Spanish educational model. In this way, students at Yago School will finish their Baccalaureate studies with an excellent preparation for adult life and with the possibility of accessing the world’s leading universities.

Educational Innovation

At Yago School we are at the forefront of educational trends.

Basic methodological principles are established:
Our Project

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