Educational aptitudes: What are they, which ones are there, and how do we work on them in our school?

What Are the Educational Aptitudes?

The most useful educational competencies, which we work on in our school, are as follows: multilingual, linguistic communication, digital, entrepreneurial, awareness and cultural expression, personal and social, in sciences, and Citizenship aptitude. Below, we detail each of these competencies so that you can learn all about them.

Plurilingual Aptitude

Plurilingual aptitude is the ability to communicate effectively in several languages. This is a highly valuable skill in our school, as our students are bilingual (English and Spanish), and they also acquire knowledge in Chinese or French at a fluent level. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is essential to be able to communicate in multiple languages and understand the culture of different countries. In this way, we foster a love for languages and other cultures, and prepare our students for a global and connected world.

Linguistic Communication Aptitude

Linguistic communication aptitude goes beyond words. It relates to strategies to develop skills in oral and written expression and understanding, promoting clear and persuasive communication. This is one of the most cross-cutting skills, which underscores its importance. Interestingly, our students are capable of participating in debates with students from other schools, confidently leveraging their knowledge.

Digital Aptitude

Digital aptitude is essential. Integrating technology meaningfully into the educational process is very important so that students can acquire it. It is also very useful for their future careers. In this sense, it is also very useful to convey the need for responsible use, being aware of the positive power of technology, but also its negative aspects.

Entrepreneurial Aptitude

Entrepreneurial aptitude is about fostering creativity and innovative thinking. In our school, we do this from an early age. This is because, according to experts, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age is key to encouraging students to become agents of change.

Aptitude in Cultural Awareness and Expression

The aptitude in cultural awareness and expression is another of the most important competencies for the present and future of our students. Appreciation for cultural diversity is fundamental, especially to develop interculturally, promoting respect and mutual understanding. In our center, this is something innate, as we have students from various nationalities, and their integration is complete.

Personal, Social, and Learning to Learn Aptitude

Personal aptitude is also of great help. Learning to learn is another one of those life-long skills. Developing emotional intelligence, social skills, and the ability to learn autonomously is key in our center, and this is how we work with all students.

Mathematical and Science, Technology, and Engineering Aptitude

Moreover, aptitude in mathematics and science, technology, and engineering is another area we work on with our students. Such skills are vital in an increasingly technology-driven world. With a pedagogical approach, we encourage problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

Citizenship Aptitude

Lastly, civic aptitude prepares our students to be responsible and committed citizens. Instilling civic and ethical values from the classroom is very important, especially for their future and that of their families. At Yago School, we focus on intellectual values, personal growth, global awareness, and expression. Additionally, although we are a secular school, our students may also choose religion to complete their curriculum in this respect.

How to Develop Academic Skills at Yago School?

At Yago School, we recognize the critical importance of academic skills for our students’ futures. Our educators employ an interdisciplinary approach, intertwining various skills to help students understand the practical applications of their learning beyond the classroom.

The dynamic interaction between our teachers and students is central to our educational strategy, utilizing what is known as active methodology to effectively reinforce concepts. This approach ensures that our processes are highly effective, allowing our school to adapt and respond to the needs of each student flexibly.

Additionally, we are conscious of the concerns many families have regarding technology use. As part of our curriculum, we emphasize the responsible and beneficial use of technology, preparing students to handle it wisely throughout their lives.

We tailor skills development to each educational level, ensuring that learning is not only natural but also appropriately aligned with each student’s stage of life. This bespoke approach allows us to meet the unique needs of our diverse student body effectively.

At Yago School, we view academic skills as essential tools for our students’ present and future success, particularly in today’s globalized context. These skills are integral to our curriculum, equipping students to face future challenges confidently. We are committed to preparing our students for their personal and professional futures, fostering a continuous learning journey together.


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