10 Key Healthy Habits for Primary School Children

At Yago School we support our students from their earliest stages of life. We aim for them to have a happy and healthy childhood, which will enable them to grow optimally and in a balanced way.

If our children adopt beneficial habits during their early years, it will be highly useful and supportive for their development, since everything they learn at this stage will naturally become part of their lives forever.

What are healthy lifestyle habits for children?

When we talk about healthy lifestyle habits at our school, we refer to those customs or routines that are positive for growing properly. These habits are very diverse and are present in numerous daily activities. Therefore, we always recommend that our families clearly explain to their children the building blocks of a healthy life. By organizing the information, we are confident that the children will be able to acquire this knowledge more easily.

10 Healthy Habits for Children

As we mentioned earlier, there are many healthy habits. However, some are more important, especially during this early stage of life. To make their understanding easier, we outline these routines into the 10 healthiest habits for children, which we will now elaborate on.

Healthy Eating

At Yago School, we believe that the first habit should be healthy eating. To support this, our school cafeteria always follows a varied and balanced diet. We want your children to have the necessary nutrients to grow with vitality and energy.

Drinking Water

Drinking water regularly is another habit we recommend at our school. We must be aware of the importance of water in keeping the body in shape. Therefore, staying hydrated by drinking enough water every day is an essential habit.

Setting Times for Homework and Reading

Organization is also very important. We always recommend that our students’ families establish specific times for homework, reading, and other tasks. The habit of organizing time will be very useful, especially in the future. As we mentioned earlier, if they get used to it at this stage, it will become second nature when they are older.

Getting Adequate Rest and Sleep

At Yago School, we are very aware of the importance of getting adequate rest and sleep. The body and mind need to rest, so you must ensure this happens. Establishing a routine for this can also be very helpful. We are confident that if they get the necessary sleep, they will start the next day with all the vitality in the world.

Exercising Regularly

Sports are very important at Yago School. This is another essential healthy habit for children. We always encourage our students to find activities they enjoy and excel in. Running, jumping, dancing, playing soccer… Exercise will positively impact many aspects of your children’s lives, and with our sports facilities, they will be able to develop exceptionally well.

Clean Hands and Good Dental Hygiene

On the other hand, keeping hands clean and maintaining good dental hygiene are also very important. At our school, we emphasize this habit several times a day. Families are our great allies in ensuring that children do not neglect this at home either.

Limiting TV and Screen Time

Another highly recommended habit is reducing TV watching and digital screen time. Reducing screen time and enjoying the surroundings is crucial. At our school, we always emphasize the importance of responsible technology use. Only in this way will it be beneficial for children’s development.

Interacting with Other Children

Interaction with other children is another key aspect to consider. At Yago School, we promote sharing, listening, and being kind to others. These elements are the foundation of education. Good relationships with other children, treating each other as equals, are fundamental for living a fulfilling and happy life.

Order and Care

Additionally, order and care should also be practiced by young children. Keeping their play or study area tidy is important for them to learn responsibility. When they take care of their belongings, they are also taking care of themselves. This learning will be very useful for the future.


Lastly, respect is the healthy habit we conclude our recommendation with. At our school, we encourage children to treat others the way they would like to be treated. This closely relates to what we discussed earlier about equal relationships. In this way, we are confident they will build strong friendships.

How to Teach Healthy Habits to Children?

Knowing healthy habits is not enough; it’s even more important to know how to convey and work on them. Truthfully, there may be other methods, but at Yago School, we base learning on three main aspects: fun, participation, and being a role model.

When it comes to young children, using fun is essential. This way, it will be easier for them to adopt the habits we have discussed. Moreover, we all have to be part of this. That is, doing it together is crucial for the long-term establishment of a routine. Closely related to this, both at school and at home, we must be role models for the little ones. In the end, they learn greatly from what they see. Therefore, we always recommend this approach.

In summary, following these healthy habits for children is an extraordinary opportunity for our students to grow optimally. When we help them put these habits into practice, we notice positive results with remarkable immediacy. At Yago School, we encourage these habits to achieve this, but the work at home is also very important. Therefore, we always ask our families for their fullest cooperation. In this way, we are confident that the growth of the little ones will be very appropriate. Here’s to the future!


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