Family Christmas: activities to enjoy together during holiday season

Christmas season is a special occasion dedicated to family time and celebrating shared happiness. With all the Christmas lights, carols and holiday atmosphere, Christmas with family is the perfect opportunity to make memories with your beloved ones.

In this article, we explain how to enjoy a family Christmas to the fullest. Here you will find a range of activities that can be enjoyed as a family during the festive season. We want you to discover how to make this time of year even more special by sharing meaningful experiences with your beloved ones. Keep reading!

Value of Christmas as a Family

Christmas is a special time that goes beyond presents under the tree. It is a time of year that invites us to spend time with our beloved ones, to embrace family traditions and to share memorable moments. At the heart of these celebrations, we find the unique opportunity to strengthen family ties and cultivate values that last throughout the year.

Family Christmas: What can you do during Christmas with your family?

If you’re wondering what to do during Christmas with the family, you should know that there are many possibilities and all of them are great fun! Here are some of these options.

Decorate the tree together

Decorating the Christmas tree becomes a great time for the whole family. Children, in particular, remember these experiences fondly as they grow up, creating a family tradition that will last through the generations.

Christmas crafts

Making Christmas crafts as a family is not only fun, but also strengthens family bonds and encourages creativity. Personalised ornaments, Christmas wreaths, Christmas cards and table centrepieces are just some of the simple crafts you can do as a family.

Cooking with the family

Family cooking requires collaboration and teamwork. From planning the menu to the preparation and presentation of the dishes, everyone can contribute in some way. This fosters a sense of unity and shared responsibility. In addition, cooking together offers the opportunity to pass on and preserve these recipes from generation to generation, creating a family legacy.

Christmas Classics Marathon: films, series and stories

Turn your living room into a cosy haven of Christmas spirit for the Christmas Classics Marathon. Make a nice hot chocolate and biscuits or add a savoury twist with some roasted chestnuts for snacks. As a personal touch, each family member chooses their favourite Christmas film to share, for everyone to enjoy.

Visit Christmas markets

Visiting Christmas markets is the last item on this list. These markets offer not only an opportunity to find unique gifts and holiday decorations. Strolling among the stalls decorated with lights creates lasting memories and fosters family connection. Children can participate in the entertainment and enjoy holiday treats while adults explore local crafts. Festive music completes this family bonding experience in the welcoming spirit of the season.

How to have a fun family Christmas?

Spending a fun Christmas with your family is now easier than ever. With the plans we have shown you above, we are sure that you will all have fun at every moment. You will remember this Christmas for the rest of your lives.

What games can be played at Christmas?

Finally, in addition to the other plans, playing games at Christmas with  family is also a great way to enjoy every moment together. There are endless options for all tastes and ages. For this reason, it is essential to talk to the little ones to find out what they want to play. These will encourage friendly competition and connection between generations, we assure you!

In conclusion, Christmas with the family is a unique moment that you should enjoy with your whole family, as the memories will stay with you forever. In this post, we have provided you with the best plans to experience an amazing Christmas with your family, and we are sure you will have the time of your lives! At Yago School we hope you enjoy this time of year with your beloved ones and we’ll see you when we get back!


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