Our Houses
Ages 0 to 18 years
Yago School

Our house system

Coming from a deep-rooted English tradition in educational institutions, the idea of organising students into Houses brings many benefits to the children.

The names of the houses correspond to three of the old Yago School institutions in England and Ireland. Belonging to a house reinforces the feeling of belonging to a group, and that is why so many competitions between the houses are organised throughout the year, where teams and individuals earn points, and at the end of the year the winning house is announced.

Each year one of the Houses stands as winner of the school year. The distinction is obtained by the house that wins most points. Points are gained through collective effort or individually through Housepoints.

These points are obtained by overcoming academic challenges or to reward special efforts or attitudes. The student who achieves a Housepoint for his house receives it always in public,receiving the applause of his companions, which is valuable positive reinforcement for the students and serves as an example for the rest of the children.

Another virtue of the house system is that it facilitates transversal contact between children of different ages so that the student does not limit his circle of friendship to that of his class.

Each house has a Captain and a Vicecaptain, who are responsible for all the activities they organise. They lead their house and give help to all the other members, acting as mentors to the smaller children, making themselves available as mediators when problems arise, and as a support in the challenge of making the members of the house a compact and strong team.