Trip to the farm school Los Hinojos

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Yago School, Infant, School trips, Yago School, Yago School

The trip to the farm school of Los Hinojos is part of our curriculum and it is one of our favourite activities for our students. This experience, particularly at early ages, encourages the children’s autonomy, fostering confidence and independence.


It is a unique opportunity for them to get to know nature through touch, smells and small details. Interaction with this environment, where they can explore, experiment and discover, is part of the development of a curious and more critical spirit.


Through workshops and discovery learning, our children understand processes such as where food comes from and animals and plants care. Hands-on interaction with nature is a highly effective educational method that has a positive impact on the development of brain connections and the intellect, reinforcing the learning objectives covered in class.

These days spent in these types of habitats reinforces many of the concepts covered in our curriculum, and helps them to better understand animals’ habits and how much we need them. Our pupils enjoy the great opportunity of taking care of some animals and feeding them, recognising the characteristics and routines they have previously studied, improving their social skills, communication, teamwork and respect.

It is a highly enriching and exceptionally fun day, where they continue to practice recycling and environmental responsibility while encouraging their creativity naturally in the painting and ceramics workshops, which together with the storytelling complete the unforgettable Infant experience.

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