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YAGOSCHOOLPRIMARY (12)Another of the hallmarks of Yago School is undoubtedly the teaching of Mandarin Chinese as a second foreign language from Infant 2 and there are many advantages to learning Chinese. Here are some of the most important ones:
chino en Yago School

1.- In recent years, Chinese has become the language of the future due to the industrial and commercial growth of China, which has been growing its GDP by more than 8% for the last 20 years and because Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, it is the mother tongue of 1,050 million people.

2.- Cognitive benefits: children who study Chinese develop both hemispheres of the brain as it is a tonal language. On the one hand, the right hemisphere is responsible for processing melodies and tones; and the left, is responsible for ordering and interpreting linguistic structures, that is, grouping the sounds to form the words. It has also been scientifically proven that students who study Chinese are better mathematicians.

3.- In addition, Chinese seems a complex language, but it is simpler in some ways: there are no conjugations, no tenses, no simple prepositions and there are no plurals. Therefore, everything is simplified to subject-verb-object. However, it is more difficult to learn to write it.

4.- Another clear benefit are job opportunities. Today it is necessary to have a second language, but if this is Chinese, the competitive advantage is multiplied since it is rare nowadays to find a company that has nothing to do with China.

For these and many other reasons, all Yago School students learn Chinese and obtain official qualifications that accredit their high level. Since the Yago School is a Confucius Institute examination centre, our students do not have to travel to take their exams in the language.

One thing is clear: studying at Yago School makes the difference

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