Yago School, one of the best schools and boarding in Spain according to World Schools

Our school is one of the best schools and student residences in Spain according to World Schools. Although this is not the first recognition of our School, it is always great news, as this makes us continue working even harder on our educational project. Furthermore, these positive evaluations are the merit, above all, of the team of staff who form part of Yago School and of the families who trust in us for the education of their children.

In this article, we will explain why this is so, in which ranking our school is featured and what World Schools is all about. Read on!

Best schools in Spain: Which ones?

Which schools are the best in Spain is one of the questions most frequently asked by families when it comes to enrolling their children. The school and educational stage is key. For this reason, we always look for the best options so as not to make the wrong choice. More and more institutions from different fields are carrying out rankings of the best schools. One example is Forbes Magazine, which, in this prestigious magazine, ranks our school among the best schools in Spain. However, this magazine is not the only one that places our school among the best in Spain.

Yago School, in World Schools rankings.

We are also included in the rankings of World Schools, one of the most important educational search platforms worldwide. It appears in the ranking of the best IB schools in Spain, best boarding schools in Europe and best international schools in Spain, among others.

Ranking of the Best IB Schools in Spain

The ranking of the best IB schools in Spain brings together the 10 best schools to study the International Baccalaureate. Our school is present in this ranking and this is great news, due to the commitment of international education that we have make in our school. to international education.

Ranking of best Boarding Schools in Europe

Yago School is also recognised in the World Schools ranking of the best boarding schools in Europe. In this list we can find the most popular European boarding schools.

Ranking of the Best International Schools in Spain

Finally, our school also occupies the ranking of the best international schools in Spain. As the report states, the schools that appear in this report “stand out for their quality educational models, for the rich educational offer they provide, for their non-academic activities, available spaces, laboratories and sports facilities“. Appearing on these lists is not an easy task, especially given the wide range of schools in Spain. At Yago School we are very proud of this fact, as it is a recognition of the daily work carried out by the whole team.

What is World Schools?

World Schools is an educational search platform that brings together the most prestigious schools from all over the world. These schools stand out for their extraordinary educational offer, their facilities and the team of professionals that make up the centre. In this post, we have told you how our school is present in the rankings of the best schools in Spain according to World Schools. You have been able to discover which three lists it is on and what the work of this educational organisation consists of. If you have any further questions about our range of courses, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Yago School we are at your disposal and we look forward to hearing from you!

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