Biology and Geology uses SkyView App

por | Sep 24, 2017 | Science, Secondary

Yago School explores the universe

They have searched for planets, stars, galaxies and other space objects using it by simply pointing the iPad to the sky or even at the bottom to what can be seen in the South Hemisphere. They were very excited when they were able to find their favorite celestial bodies or for example the Hubble telescope.

Yago School explores the universe

In addition to that, they got information about them when clicked on the objects. They could also see the orbit of satellites or planets and predict their location. Finally, they had to create a keynote with the pictures and the information they gathered about their favorite space objects and give a short presentation in class.

This activitie with SkyView App is part of the effort of Yago School to introduce New technologies to our students, as it is one of the basic pillars of Yago School. If you want to know more about Yago School pillars, or you have any other doubt about our School. please contact us, we will try to resolven every possible question you might have.

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