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Yago School is part of the UNICEF Partner School network. In our learning center, we share the mission with said entity of guaranteeing the children’s rights and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. This helps us broaden our horizon towards new dimensions of child well-being, associated with equity, economic development, environmental protection and the promotion of peace, among others. For this reason, we have acquired the commitment to disseminate, collaborate and support the programs that UNICEF carries out in favor of children’s rights and sustainable development.

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World Children’s Day

Likewise, we organize various activities and events during the school year to raise our students awareness in this regard. During this week, coinciding with the fact that World Children’s Day was celebrated last Sunday, November 20, different workshops were held at our school, which concluded at an assembly on Friday the 25th. At the assembly, the participants learned about the situation of the most disadvantaged children and what the rights of children consist of. For this special day, all the students brought a light blue accessory (ties, handkerchief or scarf, sweatshirt, socks, fabric bracelet…), the characteristic color of UNICEF.

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Solidarity concert at Yago School

Additionally, in relation to this issue, on December 20 at 5:15 p.m., a group of CAS students from the school will organize a solidarity concert at the pavilion. The proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. This concert we will showcase The Yago School Choir, the Yago Band and the Music Club. A must-see event! Guaranteeing the rights of children is essential. All these activities are aligned with this guiding principle. Therefore, we trust in having families as allies to reinforce these objectives at home. We count on your collaboration!


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