Parents’ school

Our Parents’ School aims to be a space to get information, education and reflect about areas related to parents’ fundamental role as an educator.

We know that parents are the most important people when it comes to educating children, but as a school that is committed to the family, we look to provide programmes of integrated learning through meetings that help us improve our children.

The Parents’ School is a place of dialogue and discussion where ideas can be exchanged and where, through guided analysis, parents can find the tools they need to overcome the challenges of parenting. It is an educative space where family experiences can be reflected upon and discussed.

The main aim of Parents’ School and all its content is to make parents think, guide them in making decisions, show them how to be   consistent, not to be afraid when taking  decisions, to be sure of themselves and feel supported in the difficult job they face: their children’s education.


  • Moving up to Primary – The Parents’ role
  • The importance of English, Numeracy and Reading-Writing skills
  • Drug Awareness: Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Characteristics of Adolescence
  • What education consists of. Management of rules and limits
  • Parental cohesion
  • Language Development
  • Rules and Limits during the Infant Stage
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Domestic violence
  • Feelings (Emotional management)
  • How to educate happy and emotionally strong children
  • Our Personal Educational Project is their best heritage
  • Parent Leadership role in the Education of their children
  • Parents’ Authority
  • Leisure time: Summer and Free Time
  • What education consists of
  • I Rules and Limits
  • II Rules and Limits

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