School meals


Lunch is a moment of conviviality among students, but also a place of learning and education about nutrition and good manners at the table, it allows them to discover the importance of a healthy, varied and balanced diet that  monthly incorporates international dishes to learn the culinary culture of different countries.

It is an important part of learning about healthy habits and good etiquette.

Serunión who won the National Prize of Gastronomy in 2013, is the leading contract catering company in Spain, and responsible for producing a balanced daily menu in our kitchens.

We also prepare special menus to cater for illness, intolerances, allergies or religious reasons.

Eating in a restaurant

To ensure proper assimilation of basic table manners and how to be at the table there is a “special table” in the dining room, prepared in the same way as if it were in a restaurant, with cutlery and utensils placed in the same way as in a formal restaurant and service in the same way.

Pupils are selected in small groups of four to six every week to sit on this “special table” and are shown, differently from the rest of the dining room, the use of a napkin, how to be serve oneself directly from a bowl, enjoying a special restaurant dessert to complete the experience. This is just another way to promote and instill good table manners and eating healthily.

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