Baccalaureate Educational Project in Yago School, bilingual private schoolAn international educational program that is rigorous and balanced and  prepares students for University and adult life

The pedagogical team at Yago School is already working on the development of the Baccalaureate Educational Project which will have as its main objective giving pupils  the best training, successes and results, skills, virtues and abilities that will help them to reach their potential and give them access to the best professional careers

Our purpose is for pupils to develop their abilities and potential to the maximum, to build knowledge through projects, broaden their interests and their own experience using integrative, innovative and cooperative methodologies in traditional and technological environments so that they can adapt to University and successfully integrate into companies from all over the world.

In this decisive stage our pupils will end up with different degrees, Spanish and international. In order to live in the interconnected and globalized world of the 21st century, a complete education, ability to think critically, and international mentality are needed. Our rigorous project will guarantee excellent preparation for both higher education and adult life.