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The bilingual international School in Seville, Yago School, hosted the Race Against Hunger promoted by The Yago Foundation.

Representatives from Action Against Hunger who told us that, last year we were the school that contributed most to this cause in the whole of Andalusia and Extremadura, came to the school to support us.

By running, the children from Yago School not only helped raise money for Action Against Hunger but they shouted loudly and clearly that they were supportive of the cause and that they would do everything in their power to solve hunger in the world.

And together with the 600 students who participated in the race, Ms. Tory ran, counting upon the sponsorship of all the staff, who demonstrated their camaraderie, solidarity and feeling towards the problem of hunger in the World.

Our Head of Sports, football international Rafa Paz supported the cause with two great sports personalities:

Antonio Álvarez, former player of Sevilla F.C., current second coach of that great football club and director of the Antonio Puerta Football Foundation and School. And Rafa Gordillo, ex player and current director of the Real Betis Football Foundation and director of Institutional Relations.

All three of them are fine examples of the close connection between sport and values such as respect, companionship, effort, equality, justice, dignity, cooperation …

Because we all have the power to transform the world, we recognise all of the participants, collaborators and sponsors with a medal for being champions against hunger.

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