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Today, October 9th, we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Day at private international bilingual Yago School, with the traditional  Spanish flag raising ceremony.  


While “Ganando Barlovento” was playing, Cayetana Chaparra and Antonio del Moral, Primary 6 students, carried the Spanish flag on a silver platter to the foot of the mast of the old patrol ship Chilreu located in the school’s recreation area. 

After the flag was raised to the tune of the Spanish national anthem, Mr. Resa took the floor to remind the students that the Spanish National Day symbolizes the historical event in which Spain, about to conclude a process of state building based on cultural and political plurality, as well as the integration of the Spanish kingdoms into the monarchy, began a period of linguistic and cultural projection beyond European borders. He also recalled the commendable work of the Armed Forces and urged his students to show the flag of Spain with pride, a flag that represents each and every one of the Spanish people, our country, its triumphs, its present, and its past.

To follow, Marcial Ybarra from Secondary 4 showed great skill as an orator, offering a moving and meaningful speech that was applauded by all.  Carolina Martín from Primary 6 closed the event with another inspiring speech that was the final touch on a truly special event at Yago School

Happy Spain Day!


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