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Art in Infant Education

Our Art Project in the subject Art in Infant Education involves the approach of the students to different artists of international recognition.Yago School Art en Infantil Kandinsky

Every term our pupils will know a painter and will investigate their artistic style, their works of art and some information about their lives.  In each class there is an “Artist Corner” which is filled with information about the painter that we are learning, we make a large mural with images of their paintings, life data and other relevant information about their works of art. Children look for information, photos and fun facts at home (Flipped Classroom) and later they share that information with the rest of the class during an oral presentation.

Yago School Art in Infant Kandinsky

During February Infant 3 is learning about Wassily Kandinsky. He is a famous painter who was born in Russia. They have had the chance to observe how Kandinsky liked to paint circles, lines and dots, using bright colors and mixing colors to create new ones.

Yago School Art in Infant Kandinsky

Finally, the children worked on one of Kandinsky’s most famous paintings: “Squares with Concentric Circles”.

Yago School Art in Infant KandinskyYago School Art in Infant KandinskyYago School Art in Infant Kandinsky







Children also worked on a “Circles Tree” by sticking circles of different sizes and colors on tree trunks. During the classes, we listened to Wagner, Kandinsky’s favorite classical composer.

It was a fantastic month in Art class!

“Make your dreams become goals and do not just stay in your dreams.”    Diego Velázquez

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