At Yago, we are committed to training future speakers

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Yago School

We work on Public speaking in a transversal way from a very young age. Public speaking helps to overcome shyness and to develop one’s own character and personality, as well as teaches to think and to defend opinions with arguments.

In Infant 5, our students must express their opinions and ideas about what they are learning throughout the year. On this occasion, they became little astronomers and discovered interesting things about the planet Earth and the solar system. In their presentations, they told us interesting facts, such as that Mercury is the closest planet to Earth, that Jupiter has more than 70 moons and is the largest planet, and that Uranus is the coldest planet and the only one that rotates on its side. Many of them told their classmates that when they grow up they want to be astronauts or astronomers, because when learning is fun, it is full of wonder and excitement. 

Public speaking helps to overcome shyness, to develop one’s own character, to model the personality, teaches to think and to defend opinions with arguments, promotes the ability to inspire others with words, and teaches students to publicly expose their ideas naturally, with truthful arguments, politely, and in a respectful and persuasive way. 

At Yago School, we develop the maximum potential of each student and continue to lay the foundations for the prosperous future society we so desire, lending to excellent education that prepares our students for the future!

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