Babies Massage

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Ms. Ana, one of our Nursery teachers, shows us how to do an infant massage with your baby and tells us some of the benefits of this beautiful and advisable daily practice.

Infant massage offers multiple benefits for babies both on physical and emotional levels.  The attitude and calmness of the person giving the massage is also very important to obtain these benefits.

– It helps to create and reinforce positive emotional bonds.

– It relieves colicky discomfort.

– It makes it easier for the baby to sleep.

– It helps to hear and understand the baby’s crying.

– It establishes the habit of communication between parents and children.

– It strengthens the immune system.

– It helps the nervous system to mature.

– It balances periods of stimulation and relaxation.

– It provides confidence and security with parents.

– It offers a moment of tranquility.

– It creates a moment of exclusive dedication.

Infant massages are especially important at an early age, from 0 to 18 months.

We encourage you to put it into practice with your babies and you will be able to see how they acquire strength in their arms and legs.

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