Our Baccalaureate students do internships in the most prestigious Andalusian companies.

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Yago school has wanted to offer their students a taste of the stimulating work life in some of the most important Andalusian companies such as Grupo Migasa (Ybarra), Selectra, Northstar brokerage, Grupo VIGA, Clinica Victoria Rey, Peñalosa Abogados, Petit Comité Sourcing. All this has been made possible with the ambitious Professional Guidance and Student’s Practical Training Programme “Yago Work Experience” for the students of first year of High School or Baccalaureate.

These students have been immersed into the everyday working of the real business world and have participated actively in many varied áreas as for example the Finance Department, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales putting into practice their knowledge and skills acquired in subjects such as Business Management, Chemistry, Biology, Environment, Global Politics.

The fact that our students are bilingual and some also come from an international background has been fundamental when collaborating for example with areas  such as an Export Department where knowledge of foreign languages is key to international relations. 

Yago has managed to place each student in a company which best suits his or her professional expectations for the future and this first contact with professional life has proved to be a very enriching experience. Examples of this wonderful experience could be Lucia who actively collaborated with the Human Resources Department in the process of selecting two candidates for positions in Selectra.

Simeón prepared a Balance Sheet for the Finance Department and for the Migasa Group (Ybarra).

Marina and Cristina have witnessed a process of an in vitro fertilization in Clinica Victoria Rey.

José Alejandro and Marco have visited the docks at the Port of Seville; the only inland commercial port in Spain, being very important for the import and export traffic of cereals and they have followed the process of exportation of durum wheat for Northstar brokerage

Raquel and José have been able to assist at a real trial in the Law Courts accompanying Peñalosa Abogados

Gonzalo y Leo were able to learn about the renewable energy sector and visited a photovoltaic plant of the Grupo VIGA

Josefina has drawn up a model for a publicity sheet for Scalpers as a proposal for Petit Comité Sourcing marketing company.

All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration of all the companies. We thank them on behalf of all the students and Yago School, it has been a great experience!


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